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Little Women on the BBC involved creating a  'homespun' score with folk-like violin, guitar, strings and gentle singing. I worked alongside composer Stuart Earl - here are some of my tracks.

Crossing The Line chronicles the rise and fall of olympic champion Danny Harris and his battle with drug addiction. Recorded with orchestra at Air Studios, the score gives a small nod to the film's 80s setting with soprano saxophone, and was nominated for best feature score at the Music + Sound Awards.

For this film I spent a long time with the director developing a unique soundworld, and the score features bass and contrabass flute, retuned violin, glass sounds and interlacing vocals. It's mixed by the brilliant Fiona Cruikshank.

This comedy for Sky's Urban Myths series starred Stephen Mangan as Charles Dickens and Ian Hart as a very naughty Hans Christian Andersen! For the period score I drew from opera, ballet, folk music and Danish nursery rhymes 

In series Write Around The World, Richard E Grant travels to the locations of famous books and recreates the experiences. I had fun creating French, Italian and Spanish music for this lighthearted show, including play jazz violin, and writing & singing some opera!

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